Battle Planner 5: Program Screenshots

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[Battle Planner 5: HeroClix] [Battle Planner 5: HeroClix] [Battle Planner 5: Mechwarrior]

The vertical figure view gives a good balance of detail on lists, filters and figure details.

The alternate horizontal figure view allows you to see more columns in the figure list, while still viewing the figure details.

Side-by-side comparison of figures ensures you have the correct piece for your army or deck.

[Battle Planner 5: Star Wars Minis] [Battle Planner 5: VS Marvel] [Battle Planner 5:
Allegiance: War of Factions]

Battle Planner's filters allow you
to quickly find any figure in your collection by searching on text, points, abilities, release or many other values.

The Inventory/Army tab lets you view and search your inventory while working on your army, without changing views.

The Deck Statistics window lets you view a chart of deck statistics for any data Battle Planner includes, to easily watch your resource curves.

[Battle Planner 5: Warmachine] [Battle Planner 5: D & D Minis] [Battle Planner 5: Shadowfist]
by Theo Wiersma

The Army Tree View, new to BP5, allows drag and drop army editing and also lets you attach pieces to one another. Perfect for adding equipment to figures, pilots to 'Mechs or putting together units.

Battle Planner will automatically check for program and game module updates, and will even let you know what changed!

We like to give credit where credit is due, so if you report a bug or design a game module, expect to see your name up in lights...or at least the about screen.

[Battle Planner 5: Warlord] [Battle Planner 5:
Magic: The Gathering]
[Battle Planner 5: Pirates]

The "Show Previews" option lets you preview the card's text within the grid without viewing the card details.

The Booster Draft wizard will generate random "booster packs" from your inventory. Or do an Unrestricted Booster Draft and draft from all cards in the set.

Print scorecards for tournament play.

[Battle Planner 5: Mage Knight] [Battle Planner 5: PDF Format Report]

The "Filter Inventory" option, will automatically filter your inventory to show only those figues that will fit your remaining point total.

Reports may be generated in PDF, HTML, Text or CSV formats. Click data may be included or it may be left off for a compact report.