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Take control of your game! Battle Planner 5 helps you focus on gameplay by dealing with the tedium of building armies and tracking your collection.

Build you armies (and decks) and keep track of your collection. Filter/sort and view figure (and card) stats. Print reports, crib sheets and score sheets. Track your current trades and wants. We do it all, so you can play!

If you are new to Battle Planner, you can learn more about Battle Planner's features or see some program screenshots. Or just grab a free copy of the Battle Planner Demo and try it out for yourself. We think you'll like what you see.

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  5. Note that Battle Planner 5 is not compatible with Mac or Linux operating systems. If you plan to attempt running Battle Planner 5 with a Windows emulator under one of these systems, you should try our demo version first to test for compatibility. We are aware of incompatibilities with some emulation software, and will not guarantee BP5 to run under these systems.

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Buy Battle Planner 5 Professional license$29.95
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(current BP4 license required)
Buy Battle Planner 5 Personal license$19.95
Upgrade from BP4 to BP5 Personal
(current BP4 license required)
Buy Battle Planner 5 Professional Upgrade license
(requires previous purchase of personal license)

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