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Battle Planner Program Files

Battle Planner 5 ProgramThis download contains the Battle Planner program files only. You must install one or more of the data files below in order for the program to function.

[ Download Battle Planner v5.90 (Program only)]

[ Download Battle Planner: Game Module Editor v1.04 (Program only)]

[ Download Battle Planner v4.77 (Program only)]

The unregistered version will allow 40 units to be in the inventory and allows you to save up to 40 unit / 200 point decks and armies. Visit the Buy section of the website to purchase a registration code and unlock the full power of Battle Planner!

Supported Game Modules

The game modules available for download below require the Battle Planner program file, available above. These files are free.

Game Data ModulesDownload
Axis and Allies: Miniatures™ Data Module v5.86[Download]
Axis and Allies: Naval Miniatures™ Data Module v5.93[Download]
Allegiance: War of Factions™ Data Module v4.63[Download]
Avatar: The Last Airbender™ Data Module v5.52[Download]
Battlestar Galactica™ Data Module v5.64[Download]
Creepy Freaks™ Data Module v4.63[Download]
ChiZo Rising™ Data Module v5.53[Download]
Crimson Skies™ Data Module v5.61[Download]
Dreamblade™ Data Module v5.79[Download]
Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures™ Data Module v5.94[Download]
Duel Masters™ Data Module v5.61[Download]
Halo ActionClix™ Data Module v5.75[Download]
Hero Clix™ Data Module v5.95[Download]
Horror Clix™ Data Module v5.90[Download]
Legend of the 5 Rings™ Data Module v5.80[Download]
Lord of the Rings: TMG™ Data Module v5.33[Download]
Mage Knight™ Data Module v5.77[Download]
MLB Sports Clix™ Data Module v5.51[Download]
Magic: The Gathering™ Data Module v5.90[Download]
Mech Warrior™ Data Module v5.82[Download]
Netrunner™ Data Module v5.47[Download]
Pokemon™ Data Module v5.76[Download]
Pirates of the Spanish Main™ Data Module v5.90[Download]
Raceday™ Data Module v5.50[Download]
Redemption™ Data Module v5.22[Download]
Rocketmen™ Data Module v5.32[Download]
Spycraft™ Data Module v4.63[Download]
Shadowfist™ Data Module v5.19[Download]
Shadow Run™ Data Module v5.05[Download]
Star Wars: TMG™ Data Module v5.94[Download]
Star Wars: Starship Battles™ Data Module v5.70[Download]
Universal Fighting System™ Data Module v5.53[Download]
Versus System™ Data Module v5.74[Download]
Warlord™ Data Module v5.59[Download]
Warmachine™ Data Module v5.55[Download]
World of Warcraft™ Data Module v5.89[Download]
Yu-Gi-Oh™ Data Module v5.79[Download]

And Yet More Free Stuff

Download our award winning and FREE Wizkids game line screensavers:

Mage Knight™ screensaver[Download]
Mechwarrior: Dark Age™ screensaver[Download]
Hero Clix™ screensaver[Download]
Crimson Skies™ screensavers[Download]

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