Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I have Battle Planner show pictures of my cards and figures?
Certainly!  Battle Planner has native support for showing pictures of any game piece you want.  For some precompiled collections, visit our Links page.  To get help in compiling your own, go to Tools > Preferences > File Management > Generate Custom Image Report
Can I suggest <insert game here> to be supported by Battle Planner?
Sure, we're always looking to support great games, just send us an e-mail with your suggestion to:
I've downloaded the Battle Planner program file, I don't see <insert game here> anywhere?/I can't use it!
Don't forget that after you install battle planner you'll need to download some actual game modules.  You can find them at our downloads page.
A figures/card stats in the recent data file is wrong, how could I correct it/change it? Can I send it to you?
Yes and Please!  If you have purchased Battle Planner Professional, you can always add new game pieces or correct existing game pieces via "tools > new figure" or "tools > edit figure".  Then, to share your diligence with the world (and get the glory for it too!) you can submit your corrections to use via "Web Tools > Bug Report > Submit my fig corrections/additions".  Battle Planner will then walk you through the process of submitting your corrections to us so that the next time game module is updated it'll include your correction with kudos to you.
I want Battle Planner to make a master list report and print it, but it prints all the stats! i wanted it to show just the figure name, quantity, faction and its rarity. Can i do it?
Of course, all you need to do is remove the columns you don't want to have printed from the master list view before you print.  The quickest way to do this is to right click on the master list view's column headers, click on 'field chooser', then drag all the columns you want to hide to it.  After printing your report, you can drag them back into position.
Hey, <insert game here> is out for a week/months already… where's the data file?
Game modules updates are usually ready within a week of the official expansion release date.  If we missed this goal, you're always welcome to drop us a line at to get word on our latest progress.
Can I use bp at home and at work?
Absolutely!  When you upgrade to Battle Planner: Personal or Battle Planner: Professional, you are buying a license for you, not your machine.  All you'll need to do is unlock battle planner at home then again at work and you'll be good to go.  And with all your battle planner armies, inventories and decks being stored in '…\my documents\my battle planner files', we've made it easy for you to locate and keep in synch your vital data.
I lost my license code, what do I do?
GAH!  Oh no!  Life with out battle planner feels primitive, doesn't it?  Well, to recover, send an e-mail to with your name and the e-mail address you used to buy Battle Planner.  As soon as we confirm your purchase we'll reissue your unlock codes, and kindly remind you to backup and print them out this time.
There's no figures in my inventory, what do I do?
Put some there!  There are several ways to do this, here are the two most popular:

The point/click method: Click on the 'master/inventory' tab
Find the figure you want to add to your inventory in the master list and double click on it.

The keyboard method:
Click on the 'inventory' tab
Open the left hand filter and uncheck 'count > 0'

Then either:
In the name mask, type in the name of the card/figure you want to add.  If the name is unique, then you just need to hit '+' and the figure count will be incremented.

Or in the inventory grid, arrow down to the game piece you want to add and hit +/- or just type in the number of game pieces you have into the count box.

Multi Edit Method:
BP5 introduced the ability to edit the counts for multiple figures at once. This is done from the inventory screen. Simply Ctrl-click or Shift-click to select the desired figures, then increment the count using the '+' as usual. This is great for adding entire expansions at once.

There's no figures in my army, what do I do?
Put some there!  The easiest way to build an army is to first build your inventory.  Then, click on the 'inventory / army' tab, and filter your inventory down to the piece you are looking for, then double click on it to add it into your army.
Why isn't (figure or card) <insert name> in here?
Probably because we don't know about it yet.  If you do know of a game piece we've missed, and are using professional, please add the figure (Tools > New Figure) and submit it to us (Web Tools > Bug Report > Submit my fig corrections/additions) so you can get the glory and share your diligent work with the world.  If you don't have professional, just send us the stats and we'll be sure it gets added post haste.
How do I remove Battle Planner from my system?
Are you serious? Why would you want to remove Battle Planner from your system?!?! Well, if you do, BP5 inculdes an uninstall program, just run it to remove BP5 from your system. BP4 had no uninstaller and must be removed manually.
Any plans for Mac, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, Palm OS, Windows CE ports of Battle Planner?
Our plans for world domination are slow, but focused and user driven.  If you'd like to see Battle Planner supported on another OS, please send us an e-mail requesting it be so.  We can't promise when, but we do plan to port to other OS's, in order of your votes.

If your question is not covered in this FAQ, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at your questions or even join our mailing list to post your questions and recieve official updates and discussions .

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